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Data Recovery Services For All Data Storage Media

"Data Recovery" is a process for extracting data from failed, corrupted, or physically damaged media devices such as Hard Drives, RAID Arrays, Tapes, Removables, Compact Flash, Smart Cards, and other computer storage media.

At Midwest Data Recovery Inc. we have the experience, the facilities, and the highly skilled engineers to help bring our clients through the data recovery process.

Starting with a free phone consultation, you will be provided with the guidance and expertise you need in order to quickly get your data back into a more productive environment. Once your media is received it will undergo a full diagnostic evaluation in our secure data recovery lab at no charge. This will allow our engineers to accurately describe the problems associated with your media and to provide you with a firm price for the full data recovery process.

Once the quote has been approved by you, our highly trained engineers will then perform the data recovery process, working from the hexadecimal level (we go behind the code) in order to fully recover the data from the damaged media.

One of the more popular inquiries we get from our clients is whether or not we support particular operating systems. Unlike our competition, Midwest Data Recovery Inc. is NOT operating system dependent. Our engineers work from the Hexadecimal Level. This enables us to work behind the scenes of the operating system environment. This is a highly specialized method of data recovery and it is because of this method that our engineers have the advantage over our competition.

Data Recovery Operating System Environments We Support

  • Windows Environment
    • Windows 3.1
    • Windows NT (NTFS)
    • Windows 9x
    • Windows 2000, XP

  • Unix Environment
    • Unix
    • HPUX
    • QNix
    • SCO Unix
    • Banyan Vines
    • IBM AIX
    • NeXT
    • Xenix

  • Linux Environment
    • Linux
    • BSD
    • Mandrake
    • Corel Linux

  • Other Operating System Enviroments
    • Apple / Macintosh
    • Novell Netware (2-3-4)
    • Sun Solaris
    • OS/2
    • Drive/Doublespace
    • Stacker
    • QNix
    • Dos
    • CP/M

Based on our experiences, market research, and sources within the IT and data recovery industry, we have found that data is recoverable in 80% of all cases.

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