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Data Recovery Services Across The US & Canada

Midwest Data Recovery Inc. provides data recovery services on a North American basis through labs and offices located in Illinois, New York, California and Ontario, Canada. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning and training is also provided on a North American basis through the consulting division.

Data Recovery Process

  • Telephone consultation to identify the problem and determine next steps.
  • If the decision is to proceed, then contact, system, failure, and target data information is entered into the online tracking system.
  • The appropriate lab is then chosen based primarily on the data loss problem. For example: Hard drives with hardware problems would typically go to a lab with a Class 100 clean room. This ensures the drive is not contaminated if it has to be opened and that opening it does not void any warranty. RAID Systems go to a special lab that has developed an expertise in recovery from these complex systems. Tapes always go to the specialty tape lab in California.
  • Typically, the tape, RAID System, Network Attached Storage System, hard drive or other optical or magnetic media is shipped by Fedex, UPS etc. and arrives in the lab around midmorning the next day.
  • After being logged into the lab, the goal is to complete the evaluation within 6 hours for hard drives, 24 hours for tapes and RAID Systems.
  • The evaluation is free for most media; hard drives, RAID Systems, Network Attached Storage Systems etc. Due to the linear nature of tape and the significant time required for an evaluation, there is an evaluation fee of $250 per tape. Tape is the only exception to the free evaluation.
  • No Data, No Charge, if we can't get your data, there is no charge.
  • If we can get your data, we'll give you a firm fixed price quote by fax or email.. If you decide not to proceed, there is no charge. If you decide to proceed, simply sign the quote and fax back. Your signature is our authorization to proceed.
  • In the recovery process, we always do a mirror copy of the data. We never work directly on the data itself.
  • Typical recovery time is 3-5 days.
  • Data generally is returned by CD or multiple CDs. Other options are on a drive or as FTP files.
Overall, the process is easy, works smoothly and is as easy to use from Alaska as it is from New York City.

RUSH PRIORITY service is another option. It's fast with recovery possible within 24 hours although it can be more. A combination of air cargo or same day shipping service, dedicated lab and technician time and the ability to return data online makes it a viable option if you need to get your data back quickly.

For these services, contact a Midwest representative at 1-844-316-8131.

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